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The Basics of Internal Cleansing

Proper Bowel Management and Care. 

Suggested reading ….Dr. Bernard Jensen’s book Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management. Understand the problems associated with constipation and take the proper steps to avoid toxic buildup.

Proper Diet & Nutrition

No detoxification program is complete without the basic building blocks of proper nutrition. Stay away from low-vitality foods, overcooked or processed foods, fried foods, junk foods, etc. Refined products that contain sugar, salt, saturated fats, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are extremely detrimental to the human being. Realize that excessive intake of animal proteins (especially red meats) places a tremendous burden on the digestive system. 

Our bodies need live foods for optimal vitality-fresh fruits, raw vegetables and whole grains. Theses foods contain the necessary enzymes to assist in proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients, as well as important fibers to expedite intestinal transit time. The old saying, "you are what you eat," is a fundamental truth. 

Enzyme Supplementation (From: The Healing Power of Enzymes)

We need enzymes when we eat food that has been cooked, frozen, processed, or altered in any way. Enzymes are destroyed by the heat produced when we boil, microwave, or pressure-cook food. If the temperature rises above 118 degrees Fahrenheit while steaming, even that process can destroy enzymes. 

Eighty percent of our body's energy is expended by the digestive process. If you are run down, under stress, living in a very hot or very cold climate, pregnant, or are a frequent air traveler, enormous quantities of extra enzymes are required by your body. Because our entire system functions through enzymatic action, we must supplement our enzymes. Aging deprives us of our ability to produce necessary enzymes. The medical profession tells us that all disease is due to lack or imbalance of enzymes. Our very lives are dependent upon them. 

(In my opinion this is why most colon hydrotherapist, including myself, believe: Improperly working bowels are the cause of over 90% of all disease on the face of the earth. Let's face it, if food is not being properly digested, assimilated, and eliminated but instead remains in the colon as putrefied and fermented feces any nutrients present would pass into the blood as polluted products. Thus creating the disease) 

The Importance of Water

Water is instrumental in the body’s cleansing process. It flushes out toxins, wastes and cellular debris from our systems, while transporting nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins and sugars for assimilation. Water cleanses the body inside and out. When the body gets enough water, it works at its peak. It is very important that we drink at least one half of our weight in ounces of water per day. Example: If you weigh 180 pounds you should be drinking 90 ounces of water per day. 

The Importance of Exercise

Exercise strengthens the entire body and mind. It stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, and it builds the muscles, the glands, the lungs, the heart and the brain. Blood is pumped throughout the body by a strong heart, but lymphatic fluid depends solely on exercise to be circulated. The lymphatic system is instrumental in the body's cleansing system. Studies show a moderate exercise program involving heart-rate elevation for a period of 20 to 30 minutes per day is all that is necessary for optimum benefits.

The Use of Herbs & Fiber

Herb’s are nature’s cleansers, rich in food-source vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Herbs are truly unique among therapeutic elements in that they work with the body’s own functions, accelerating and stimulating internal cleansing processes, fueling re-growth of cells and tissues, and building resistance to disease.

Fibers provide the roughage and bulk needed to sweep, clean and tone the entire digestive tract. Fiber tends to quicken the transit time of waste elimination, absorbing toxins along the way.

Fasting Techniques

Fasting is one of the world's oldest cleansing therapies. Although Biblical fasting also held religious significance, the healing principles of a fast were well known. By abstaining from food, stress was removed from essential organs and the digestive process, so that healing and rebuilding could take place. Fasting works by self-digestion. During a cleansing fast, the body, in its infinite wisdom, will decompose and burn only the substances that are damaged, diseased or unneeded. 

There are dozens of in-depth books at local health food stores. Before starting a fast, know what to expect. The body can go through dramatic and sometimes alarming changes as accumulated wastes are expelled. All interested individuals should thoroughly educate themselves on fasting methods. 

Enemas & Colonics

Enemas & colonics both involve the use of purified water to irrigate and flush out toxins from the bowel. Enema bags can be purchased at any drugstore, and are usually self-administered in the comfort and privacy of one’s home. Colonics should always be administered by a trained professional. Colonics, properly administered are more thorough than enemas.

Both enemas and colonics are very useful and in the opinion of Dr. Duncan, necessary for a complete internal cleanse. They increase the release of old, encrusted colon waste, encourage the discharge of toxins and parasites, freshen the gastrointestinal tract and make the whole cleansing process easier and more thorough.

Enemas and/or colonics are a mandatory part of Dr. Duncan’s fasting programs with advanced clients. Although some persons are mentally uncomfortable with the procedure, the positive results usually overcome any preliminary hesitancy or fear. After passing mucous strings, hardened fecal matter and old rubbery material from their bowel with the help of an enema or colonic, nervous clients quickly become converts. While Dr Duncan does not condone over-usage of these therapeutic techniques, he firmly believes they are important tools in the detoxification process.

Stress Management (The Emotional Connection)

Stress is a modern day evil that effects our physical health in many negative ways. Stress effects every cell and tissue in the human body, breaking down the immune system as well as all of the major organs. It robs the body of important vitamins and minerals, and over time, can cause severe acid build up. Stress hinders proper digestion, absorption and elimination of nutrients by throwing the digestive system out of balance. It interferes with the body’s cleansing processes, and actually contributes to toxic buildup.

An individual can eat a perfect diet, cleanse his or her body internally and exercise regularly, but if he or she is in a constant state of mental stress, the physical problems will not go away. The body and mind must be treated "wholistically." Taking care of oneself both physically and emotionally must go hand in hand.

Multi-Cleanse Formula The "original and only" clinically formulated and researched complete internal body cleanser backed by over 30,000 hours of nutritional expertise. This product has changed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives through gentle and effective whole internal cleansing. Multi-Cleanse Formulas are formulated specifically to address all five channels of elimination, including the bowel, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatic system, as well as the bloodstream, cells, and tissues of the body.

The information about Internal Detoxification was taken from a newsletter titled Healthy & Natural Journal written by Lindsey Duncan, N.D., C.N. and distributed through  Harmony Formulas.

Thank you Dr. Duncan and Harmony Formulas for the privilege of including this informative information in this website.


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