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Liver, Respiratory and Urinary Cleansers

Hepatic Cleanse

Respiratory Formula

Urinary Cleanse

Hepatic Cleanse.

More than ever before in the history of mankind, human beings need to have healthy livers to break down the chemicals that have crept into our environment.

Hepatic Cleanse

The Liver—”Factory of Life”. As the largest and hardest working organ in the body, the liver is the main biochemical factory in our bodies, continually processing and synthesizing nutrients, in an attempt to meet the needs of the body and homeostasis. The liver performs a host of essential functions, such as carbohydrate and protein metabolism, storage of vitamins and minerals, and the removal, storage, and excretion of toxic substances from the blood. In addition, the liver excretes bile into the gall bladder to facilitate the digestion and absorption of fats, fat-soluble vitamins, and protein. Because of the constant metabolic activity and exposure to poisons and toxins that occurs within the liver, its tissues and cells are subject to damage for free radicals and toxic build-up. Signs of liver dysfunction vary and may include poor digestion; nausea, especially after eating fatty foods; weight gain; constipation or irritable bowel syndrome; feeling sluggish or bloated; or experiencing brain fog. Risk factors include taking medications, particularly cholesterol lowering drugs, smoking, exposure to environmental toxins, excessive consumption of protein, and excessive alcohol consumption. The excessive consumption of alcohol puts a tremendous strain on the liver, and can lead to fatty build-up and cirrhosis of the liver.

Hepatic Cleanse

Because the liver is the cleanser and filter of the blood stream, it needs to be cleansed regularly. Hepatic Cleanse is a unique blend of 19 herbs and botanicals designed to rejuvenate and support the proper functioning of the liver. In addition to having extensive historical and traditional uses, many of these ingredients have been cited in scientific studies to improve liver and gall bladder function through their unique protective, cleansing, and antioxidant properties. This amazing formula was developed to be properly balanced and beneficial for the whole body.

Signs and Symptoms of Liver Dysfunction:

bulletIntolerance to alcohol and to sugar
bulletTendency to gain weight easily
bulletChronic constipation, greasy stools that float, foul smelling bowel gas
bulletChronic indigestion, intolerance to fatty foods and/or cooking oils
bulletHigh cholesterol and/or triglycerides
bulletPersistent fatigue, sudden hair loss
bulletDark circles or bags under the eyes
bulletThick ridges on the fingernails
bulletHistory of intestinal of hepatic parasites
bulletHistory of gall bladder problems of gallstones
bulletImmuno deficiency

End Benefit:

Because the liver controls so many functions in the body, the rejuvenation of this vital organ may have positive influences on nearly every bodily function, especially metabolism, digestion and elimination. Although it is very important to keep the intestines moving regularly, it is important to remember that the bowels are a channel of elimination and not a cleansing organ per se. The bowels cannot cleanse, filter or remove toxins from the blood stream. Only the liver can purify the blood, and we only have one liver. By cleansing the liver, you are helping to clean up the whole body and prime all bodily systems.

By taking Hepatic Cleanse, you are adding to your diet a myriad
of synergistic and beneficial plant based compounds to support the liver.

Hepatic Cleanse Ingredients

Price: $22.50

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Respiratory Formula

A powerful, synergistic herbal blend—to cleanse, strengthen and rejuvenate the entire respiratory system.

LIFE-SUSTAINING PROTECTION. Among its many functions, the respiratory system conducts air to the lungs where it can be readily absorbed by the body. It removes carbon dioxide and is the first defense against a wide variety of harmful allergens, air pollution, industrial gases and any number of airborne toxins. Nowhere in the body does the outside world have such easy access to the protected interior cavities of the body as it does at the air/blood interfaces of the lung. The mucous layer and underlying cells that line the respiratory tract provide protection and are key battlegrounds for the immune system. Exposure to environmental irritants like pollen, smoke, and other toxic substances, can aggravate and even damage this delicate layer, increasing vulnerability to infection. A healthy respiratory system serves to oxygenate life-sustaining blood supplies while providing natural protection against potential irritants. 

Respiratory Formula was formulated with a blend of herbs and botanicals that have been traditionally used and scientifically verified to benefit multiple levels of respiratory function by strengthening the immune system and supporting the body’s own ability to remove built up mucus.* In order to function optimally, the immune system needs proper nourishment. In addition to basic nutrients, certain phytochemicals, including tannins, flavonoids, volatile oils, polysaccharides, and mucilage's can have a positive influence on metabolic and immune system function.* The herbs in Respiratory Formula are rich with phytochemicals, and have been formulated specifically to synergistically benefit, cleanse and rejuvenate the respiratory system.* Respiratory Formula is a truly remarkable product that is designed to cleanse and support the healthy functioning of the lungs, throat, and trachea. In times past, before the recent synthetic drug explosion, people relied on these herbs for their safe and natural therapeutic value, as they contribute to the health of the total organism. 

Respiratory Formula Ingredients

Respiratory Formula - 60 Tablets - 12.95

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Urinary Cleanse

The natural way to flush, cleanse, detoxify and strengthen the entire urinary system. 

VITAL TO LIFE. The urinary system, including the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract, serves an extremely vital function in human physiology, filtering wastes, toxins and metabolic by-products, such as uric acid from the blood and systematically flushing them from the body. In addition, this system regulates and ensures a proper balance of numerous blood chemical factors including acids, electrolytes, and even some vitamins in the body. 


Every year, thousands of Americans seek professional medical attention because of urinary tract infections (UTI's). Due to anatomical differences of the urinary tract, women report a much higher frequency of urinary discomfort than men. A number of conditions may indicate UTI, including painful and frequent urination, particularly at night; cloudy, foul-smelling or dark urine; and lower abdominal pain. If you think you have a bladder infection, you should consult your physician. Most conventional treatments, however, involve the use of antibiotics, which temporarily solves the problem, but can upset the naturally occurring "friendly" bacteria in the urinary tract. 


Fortunately, many plants and natural substances furnish just the right mix of tannins, volatile oils, flavonoids, and other phytochemicals to keep the urinary system healthy.* Urinary Cleanse is the latest cleansing product from Harmony Formulas that incorporates a precise blend of herbs and botanicals to benefit the entire urinary tract, including the kidneys, bladder and urethra.* Beyond their traditional use, many of these ingredients, including Cranberry, have been cited in scientific studies to help normalize urinary tract flora.* By providing a wide range of natural diuretic factors, Urinary Cleanse supports immune function and promotes a healthy pH and flora balance in the urinary tract.  

Urinary Cleanse Ingredients

Urinary Cleanse - 60 Capsules - $11.50

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease.

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