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Greetings Health Conscious Friends,

My name is Harry Farris, owner of Accelerated Wellness (formerly Therapeutic Massage & Reflexology) and one of the therapist at www.yin-yang-colonics.com  or www.accelerated-wellness.com One of the questions that most of my clients ask is: "How did you become interested in alternative health?" Hopefully, this letter will in an informal way answer not only that question but perhaps a few more in the process.

Why Massage Therapy?

I first became interested in massage while I was still in high school. My parents both worked very hard in order to provide for us. Although I had no idea what I was doing, on Sundays I would massage their achy muscles. I did notice that if I did one thing to a muscle it would respond one way and if I did something else it would respond in a different manner, this really intrigued me. Thus, after graduating from high school I went to and graduated from Dr. Esther C Swanson School of Swedish Massage in Chicago. I was born and raised in a small town of 10,000 people so I have small town values. Unfortunately, a small town of 10,000 people with small town values and views is not a place to try and get a massage practice going. For one thing no one would believe an 18 year old kid on the value and benefits of massage. If youíre old enough, stop and think back to when you were 18 and considered to still be "wet behind the ears". So here I was a graduate masseur in a small town with a wife and a son on the way. Whoopee! Thus I did what anyone would of done..... I got a job. By the way most people donít realize this but a masseur is a man and masseuse is a woman. Today, the politically correct terminology is massage therapist or body worker.

Making Complementary Health A Career.

From 68í to 91í I did keep my hands on people by working on my family and friends at no charge. In 91í I started attending refresher workshops. I remember my first Touch for Health workshop. I thought "NO WAY" can that stuff work. Now I love what muscle testing and balancing can tell me not only about the body but about the person as well. After taking several workshops I started offering massage out of my home, a beauty shop in Bargersville, IN and a exercise place on the south side of Indy. Plus, I was still in sales. January of 92í I decided to live my lifelong dream, I quit the sales job rented an office and started working my behind off to build a massage practice. In April of 92í I graduated from the Academy of Reflexology and Health Therapy. The first six months of being in business was really scary. The first month I only worked on 9 clients all month long. My first big break was when a new client, that had fallen and broken both elbows, came to see me. She could not raise her arms above her head to comb her own hair without extreme pain. Her doctors told her to learn to live with the pain. After just six one half hour sessions (twice weekly) she was able to raise her arms pain free. Shortly after she left, the phone started ringing off the hook.

Always Learning.

In addition to Swedish Massage, Reflexology and Touch for Health I have also successfully completed workshops on Bio-Magnetics, CranioSacral Therapy (level 1), John Barnes training on Myofascial Release (level 1) , Nutritional Muscle Testing, Jimmy Rollís training in Deep Muscle Therapy and Dr. Dick Versandals workshops on Contact Reflex Analysis. I will normally attend at least one workshop a year. This past June I attended a marvelous workshop on releasing pent up emotional issues through specifically designed breathing and yoga exercise techniques. I want to attend this one again before sharing these techniques with clients and/or through email. Iíve also read all kinds of books and periodicals on different forms of bodywork, viewed videos, exchanged information about techniques with other therapists and Iíve taught a few workshops. Last but certainly not least is the 100ís of hours of hands on knowledge gained from working on an average of 30 clients a week since 93í. I cannot thank my clients enough for placing their trust and confidence in me to practice what I have learned as well as the freedom they have given me to experiment with different techniques I have developed.

Why Multiple Modalities?

I strongly believe anyone having colon problems also has a very difficult time of letting go of past emotional issues. This is why I offer the muscle and emotional balancing prior to the colon hydrotherapy session. Another modality I now incorporate during the muscle and emotional balancing was actually taught in a Contact Reflex Analysis workshop. It is difficult to try and explain, but if the allergy reflex (located between the nose and upper lip) tests with a zero pulse it indicates the need for a manual organ flush of one or more of the following organs: Kidneys, Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen, Eyes, Adrenals and sex organs. By applying pressure to the appropriate reflex points it encourages the drainage of cellular waste and garbage which can then be eliminated through one of the eliminative channels, one of which is the colon. Thus, the "dumping" actually starts prior to the colon hydrotherapy session.

In addition the Lymphstar Pro for lymphatic drainage is now available either as a session in and of itself or along with other bodyworks modalities. 

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