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Laser Treatment

Conditions helped with Laser Treatment
Where to Purchase

A Revolutionary New Treatment Device

For Chronic and 
Acute Pain

The LTU-1000 synergistically combines cold laser and TENS technologies for remarkable healing and pain relief.

These units are effective for Low Level Laser Therapy treatment.

The Laserex LaserTENS 1000 combines the proven treatment properties of LASER therapy and TENS therapy into a single compact device.

 Laser Specification:
   Wavelength 670nm
   Power 1mW
   Power density 100mW/cm 2

TENS Specification:
   Amplitude 150V
   Pulse width 3 - 80usec
   Frequency 22msec

The Laserex LaserTENS 1000 therapy unit is one of the most compact, high performance visible laser/TENS therapy units available. 

The LaserTENS 1000 treatment times are relatively short compared to conventional laser and TENS therapy alone. This is due to the simultaneous application of the two technologies.

The LaserTENS 1000 is a Class 2 laser product. 


Versatile: Treats chronic and acute pain conditions in every part of the body; back and neck pain, muscle and joint pain, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, bursitis, neuropathy, Achilles tendon pain, migraine headaches, sprains and strains, carpal tunnel and other repetitive use injuries, TMJ, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), and many, many others. Reduces inflammation and scarring.


Effective: The laser, at 680 nanometers and 1 milliwatt, mimics solar radiation, producing collagen and Vitamin D, and increasing epithelial cell activity and capillary blood vessel formation at the treatment site. The electric pulse delivers150 millivolts at a width of 80MHz, matching the pulse at which the body perceives pain, thus increasing serotonin levels. The body is guided into healing itself as pain is alleviated.


Safe: Non-thermal and non-invasive, the LTU-1000 is an FDA-approved Class II device.


The only device combining cold laser and electric stimulation, it is most effective in healing and eliminating pain.

The LTU 1000 is a hand held device that combines a low-level class II cold laser light source and microcurrent electrical biostimulation.
Invented and patented in 1994 by Dr. Merrill Stromer, a graduate of Case Western Reserve and Wayne State University.
The individual modalities have long been recognized in the myofascial pain area as effective laser treatment modes.
This patented device has successfully combined the two modalities into a portable compact hand held unit.
The synergism between the two modalities has enhanced the individual effects of the modalities, resulting in rapid pain relief in the majority of people, even after the first laser treatment.

As a result, the sessions have proven to be very cost effective. In most cases, one to three sessions achieve remission of pain. The LTU 1000 will outperform most laser treatment modalities in use today, and with significantly reduced treatment times.

Successful laser treatment have included most myo-fascial related chronic and acute pain, such as:










Plantar fasciitis


Sprains and strains


Tendinitis, bursitis






Back & extremity pain


Muscle tension



Typical response includes:


Rapid pain relief


Reduction of swelling and inflammation


Increased mobility or range of motion


Immediate analgesia


Improved sleep quality as a result of the above

Two success stories:

Since '98, after a back injury and a subsequent L5-S1 discectomy, back therapy and epidurals every six months, I suffered from continuous debilitating pain. I was told by a world renowned neurosurgeon that the only option was to fuse my lower three vertebrae. Then I had a total of 3 treatments with the LTU 1000. I am now healthy, ride my bike, walk and hike. No more crutches and most important, my 12-year old daughter has her mom back. K.S.

A ten year history of diagnosed Fibromyalgia, Depression and chronic debilitating fatigue.
After 6 laser treatments with the LTU1000, most of the pain and symptoms were reduced to a minimal level and my life returned to normal.. Now I only come as necessary and have increased my activity to that of a normal lifestyle.

The treatments are cost effective and have no side effects associated with them.

In chronic cases one may expect a return of pain or a sensation not uncommon after a first workout session.

In our experience the pain should lessen after each treatment and with time patients seem to experience a better quality of life with little or no significant pain.

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I do not sell the LTU-1000 at this website. You can purchase this amazing device and many other alternative health related products at: :





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