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Accelerated Wellness - Complementary Living Products and Information

bulletLaser Treatment
bulletNingXia Red
bulletYoung Living Essential Oil Success Kit
bulletEssential Oil Starter Kit
bulletNingXia Red Starter Kit
bulletSUPER GREEN FORMULA- Chorella, Hawaiian Blue-Green Algae, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa extract & Spinach
bulletAbout Young Living Essential Oils
bullet101 Uses of Essential 7 Kit
bulletTherapies Offered - Colon hydrotherapy, colonics, massage therapy, BodyTalk, Muscle Balancing, Reflexology, Modern Boot Reflexology,Muscle Release Technique Solfagio Scale Tuning Forks, RainDrop Therapy, Hot Stone Massage
bulletWide Spectrum Lamp
bulletDeep penetrating heat and the weight of the stones, just melt away tight muscles and any kind of stress, even pain.
bulletReflexology Boots -A unique treatment that uses specially designed air compressed boots to give a concentrated form of reflexology.
bulletMuscle Release
bulletRaindrop Technique-.
bulletDetoxification -Full body detoxification
bulletShould You Cleanse? - signs of an unhealthy digestive tract include: constipation, stomach bloat, poor digestion, gas, fatigue, weight gain, excessive mucous, arthritis, poor skin, poor memory, lower backache, depression, body odor, bad breath,
bulletCleansing Basics Basics to internal detoxification
bulletEmotions & The Colon
bulletColon Hydrotherapy
bulletLymph System
bulletMedical Support
bulletInfraRed Sauna TheraSauana the dry infrared radiant heat sauna
bulletINFRARED THERMAL SYSTEM-TheraSauna, Infrared Radiant Heat
bulletTheraSauna Specs
bulletINFRATONIC 8 - Pain Management and pain relief
bulletPain Management and pain relief
bulletDifferences Between Machines
bulletMeet The Therapist
bulletNewsletter Archives
bulletApril 2005 Newsletter
bulletJanuary 2004 Newsletter
bulletLove Fingers & Paws
bulletMarch 2004 Newslette
bulletMay 2004 Newsletter
bulletMay 2003 Newsletter
bulletJune 2003 Newsletter
bulletAugust 2003 Newsletter
bulletOctober 2003 Newsletter
bulletIBS Max-Addresses the symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome: cramping, bloating, and alternating diarrhea and constipation
bulletIntestiMax-May be used for stomach or duodenal ulcers, bleeding intestinal lesions, and any irritation or ulceration of the GI tract.
bulletLiverMax-formulated to facilitate every aspect of liver support, protection, and detoxification
bulletZymeMax-Hydrochloric acid is a major component of ZymeMax
bulletProduct Protocols Candida, Constipation, Crohn's, Diarrhea, Heartburn, Hepatitis,
bulletFebruary 20002 Newsletter
bulletApril 2002 Newsletter
bulletJune 2002 Newsletter
bulletVibrational Energy Medicine
bulletAugust 2001 Newsletter
bulletThe events of 9
bulletThere are new pages on the website under Therapies Offered featuring
bulletSession Rates
bulletColon Cleansers & whole body cleansers, Colon Cleansing Products
bulletCellfood Oxygen Gel-Combines Cellfood, the highest qualit aloe vera,chomomile & glycerine
bulletJOINT SUPPORT FORMULA Nutritional support for joints and cartilage
bulletMale Potency Formula-a natural formula designed for men to have intense sexual vitality. Promaxis RX a natural male enhancement product.
bulletCellfood - releases both nascent oxygen hydrogen into the bloodstream, cleansing, feeding and nourishing the cells
bulletCellfood FAQ Cellfood generates oxygen by "spliting" the water molecule.
bulletEverett Lafayette Storey-he created CELLFOOD (Deutrosulfazyme), a product he claimed was the key to any disease treatment in the world.
bulletTestimonials From Cellfood Users- Asthma, fatigue, emotional trauma, energy,detoxifier.
bulletCellfood Report: Niger, albicans, coli, aeruginosa, aureus. Magnetic Resonance Analyzer and Superiority as a Trace Mineral Supplement
bulletCELLFOOD DHEA-has been shown to have anti-aging, anit-obesity & anti-cancer influences
bulletCELLFOOD DIET-combines the "fat burners" Citrin K & L-Carnatine with Cellfood
bulletCELLFOOD HGH- Combines 45 mg Pharmaceutical Grade Growth Hormone with Cellfood
bulletCELLFOOD MULTIVITAMINS- Has an absorption & assimilation rate of almost 20 times more than a pill
bulletCELLFOOD SILICA helps diminish the signs of aging
bulletInternal Cleansing Products - Complete internal body cleanser-Yin Yang Colonics
bulletMulti+Formula- Multivitamin taliored for daytime & nightime needs-Yin Yang Colonics
bulletDigestive Rebuilding - strengthens and supporst the digestive proicess
bulletDigestive Aid-Irritable Bowel Syndrome-contains a concentrated fish protein that appears to nourish the bowel wall directly, making it useful for all bowel dysfunctions
bulletSymptom Reduction in Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Pre-Digested Fish Protein Supplement"
bulletHepatic Cleanse Liver , Respiratory Formula and Urinary Cleanse
bulletIntestinal Bowel Solution
bulletGas Relief
bulletHeavy Metal Detox
bulletColon Cleansers - Colon Formula, Super ll, Para-Control
bulletCandida Program-Natural candida albicans (yeast) destroyer
bulletSuper Hoodia 750 All Natural Weight Loss Breakthrough with Coral Calcium
bulletA Promise Made
bulletCinnamon 6
bulletMiracle Of Enzymes-When you habitually eat food deficient in enzymes, your digestive organs become exhausted
bulletEnzyme supplementation based on body structure
bulletACAI - Amazon Berry
bulletWings Heart Drops-For Heart disease.a highly concentrated blend of natural organic herbs specifically designed to strengthen, heal and nurture the cardiovascular system.
bulletAGED GARLIC-Prevents Heart Disease, heart attacks, unclogs arteries,normalizes blood pressure, lowers LDL, helps angina pain
bulletHeartdrops FAQ
bulletPain Relief with Ilex - Bio Freeze - Arthritis, Sore Muscles & Joints, Backache
bulletSystemic Enzymes-confirmed their use in treating rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, sports injuries and maintaining good heart health and immune function. 
bulletPROBIOTIC- I-flora the most powerful probiotic available
bulletTingler & Swiggler
bulletSolfeggio Frequency Tuning Forks and vibrational healing
bulletVibrational Medicine
bulletSomaEnergetics Testimonials
bulletWorkshops: SomaEnergetics with the Solfeggio Scale Tuning Forks
bulletSite Map
bulletMap to AW






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International Association of Colon Hydrotherapist since 1998
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Postal address: 925 E. Southport Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46227
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